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The web pages about Costa Rican species are electronic publications that provide basic information on the species of different groups of organisms found in Costa Rica. The scientific information is presented in a simple technical language. The resulting publications include photos and illustrations, information about natural history, conservation and demography, distribution, importance for humankind, taxonomy, and references. Almost all the information is written in Spanish.

Species of the month:
We invite you to learn about these species which, given their attraction, interesting appearance, importance for humans or their relation to a biological event, were selected for this month.

Scientific name: Eubucco bourcierii
Group: Birds. Barbets
Common name: Barbudo cabecirrojo Publication date: 12/1/2000

Scientific name: Platymiscium pinnatum
Group: Plants. Árboles
Common name: Cachimbo, cristobal, quira Publication date: 12/14/1999

Scientific name: Protesilaus protesilaus dariensis
Group: Insects. Swallowtails
Publication date: 5/28/2001

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