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Scientific name: Coniophanes bipunctatus
Common name: Hojarasquera bipunteada
Inglés: Two-spotted debris snake, mottle-jawed spotbelly
Scientific name: Coniophanes fissidens
Common name: Hojarasquera café
Inglés: Brown debris snake, brown spotbelly
Scientific name: Coniophanes piceivittus
Common name: Hojarasquera rayada
Inglés: Striped debris snake, striped spotbelly
Scientific name: Conophis lineatus
Common name: Guardacaminos lineada, guardacaminos común
Inglés: Linned Road Guarder, common road guarder
Scientific name: Crisantophis nevermanni
Common name: Guardacaminos café, guardacamino oscura
Inglés: Brown Road Guarder, gray-backed road guarder
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