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Quammenis spectabilis Erwin, 2000

(Quammen’s green mountain beetle)

Quammenis spectabilis, dorsal aspect of holotype.
Historia Natural
Hábitat: Lower montane wet forest. Members of this species likely occur long the margins of mountain torrents among mossy boulders.
Estacionalidad: April and October
Alimentación: Likely, these beetles are predaceous on other arthropods.
Datos moleculares: These beetles have a potent defensive secretion from paired glands in their abdomen.

Demografía y conservación
Distribución en Costa Rica: This species has only been found in Cordillera Volcánica Central.
Distribution map of Quammenis spectabilis in Costa Rica.
Distribución por área de conservación:
Cordillera Volcanica Central
Distribución fuera de Costa Rica: No records outside Costa Rica.
Información taxonómica
Orden: Coleoptera
Familia: Carabidae
Sub-familia: Harpalinae
Nombre científico: Quammenis spectabilis Erwin, 2000
Nombres comunes: Quammen’s green mountain beetle

Referencia de publicación de la especie: Erwin, T.L., 2000. A new genus and species of Lachnophorini and two new species of Lebiini from Costa Rica (Coleoptera: Carabidae). Coleopterists Bulletin 54(3):279-283.
Nombres Anteriores: Quammenis spectabilis Erwin 2000
Localidad del tipo: COSTA RICA: Heredia Province, Estacíon Magsasay, Parque Nacional Braulio Carrillo, 200m, LN 264600,531100; 10°24'N 84°02'W.
Depositario del tipo: INBio: CRI 000-647080
Recolector del tipo: A. Fernández
Datos moleculares: These beetles have a potent defensive secretion from paired glands in their abdomen.
Descripción diagnóstica: Unique (see image) among new world Carabidae; with metallic green dorsum and elytra with large purplish ocellate foveae; head and pronotum with fine, closely spaced ridges, longitudinally arranged on head, transversely arranged on pronotum. Head across eyes slightly broader than prothorax; elytral apex deeply arcuate; pronotum without setae. Aedeagus (see figure) without armature on the endophallus; right paramere small, narrow. Size moderately small: 6.44 to 7.32 mm in length, 2.56 to 2.76 in width.

This remarkable lachnophorine is hypothetically related to the South American Stenocheila Laporte 1832.

Quammenis spectabilis, left lateral aspect of aedeagus.
Información general
Autor: Terry Erwin
David H. Kavanaugh Wendy Moore
Fecha de publicación: 12/1/2000
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